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Bunzl Outsourcing Services

Bunzl Outsourcing Services is a specialist distribution group supplying everyday essentials for our customers to operate their businesses.
Bunzl Outsourcing is owned by Bunzl plc, a publicly listed company with its head office in the UK. Bunzl is active in 23 countries with more than 13,000 employees working from over 240 distribution centres. 
Bunzl Outsourcing Services specialises in the Healthcare arenas of Aged Care, Hospital and Community. The company responds quickly to the changing demands of the healthcare market and provide clinical strength and innovative solutions.
Bunzl is a key distributor of Abena products which has their head office in Denmark. Abena’s high quality products are available worldwide.
Abena’s incontinence products provide the user with security, dignity and freedom to move. Abena is continuously working with users and care staff in the development of individual specific products.

CUBRO | Medical Equipment

Cubro - Medical Equipment

Cubro are currently celebrating over 30 years of enhancing the quality of life for the elderly and disabled by bringing the latest cost-effective and innovative equipment solutions to the healthcare industry.
Their capacity to offer product without comparison in the market means they can satisfy your needs to the highest expectation. Their extensive range of quality products in our fully stocked warehouses and unique ability has attributed to their success.
Cubro also attribute their success to their ethos of compassion where they believe that everyone has the right to a good quality of life, whatever their condition may be. They have invested 30 years into listening to the needs of our customers and learning from their stories. They have had the privilege to help so many and find satisfaction in what they do every day.


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