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This All-in-One is a highly absorbent disposable style pad that wraps around the body with adhesive tabs, designed for optimum leakage security. For both bladder and bowel incontinence and particularly suitable for overnight use. A fabric-like backing with breathable side panels but still waterproof.

Features a top dry layer to draw wetness away from the skin, leak guards and a wetness indicator.

  • Flexible re-fastenable tapes ensure the best combination of comfort and security
  • Ultimate leakage protection with barriers extended right to the edge, and built-in cross barrier at the rear
  • Wetness indicator
  • Awarded the Swan Eco label



Medium - M3: 
Packet Size: 22
Capacity: 2900mls
Hip size: 70 -110cm 

Large - L3: 
Packet Size: 20
Capacity: 3300mls
Hip Size: 100 -150cm